Welcome Message From Ubrix Industries CEO, Elliott Rand.

Green company of the year award presented to Ubrix Industries at the 2015 UN Climate Summit.

Our Story

Ubrix Industries is a world leader, working with governments across the globe to help maintain a balanced and stable world for its populations to thrive in. We are industry leaders in modern fuel development and we make it possible to harness the powers of renewable energies. Our industries strive to ensure world health to a growing civilisation.

Your future, today. Now and for future generations we aim to make the world a safer, brighter place.

  • Nuclear Power 95%
  • Environmental Care 80%
  • International Aid 45%

Leading By Example

Elliott Rand

CEO, Ubrix Industries

Reg Bennett

Vice President, Ubrix Industries

Margret Ham

Chair of Board, Ubrix Industries

Wally Bishop

Jr. Vice President, Ubrix Industries

Hector Jones

Environment Secretary, Ubrix Industries

Industry Leaders

Introducing CXG

The future is now, with the CXG console by Ubrix Industries. A smarter, cleaner and safer way to live. The CXG console is a home management system. It helps manage your household food consumption, your waste, and protects your family. The CXG console is equipped with cutting edge computer technology and creates the means for you to become universally climate friendly, by integrating it with other technologies such as solar power, bio energy and heat-pump. The CXG console user interface will soon become a member of your family, and maybe even your best friend.

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