Killer Movie Reviews – “Twenty Twenty-Four is one of the best Sci-Fi films you will see.” 


Horror Cult Films – “Stunning Debut.” 


Film Fervor “A real gem of a psychological drama.” 


The Edge Magazine – “one of this year’s best indie gems.” 


UK Film Review“Richard Mundy’s first feature is one of this year’s indie triumphs.” 


Movie Blogger – “Twenty Twenty-Four isn’t only one of the best indie films I’ve recently seen, it is perhaps

one of the top 10 movies I’ve seen this year.” 


Dirty Movies – “A powerful viewing experience”


Indyred “If you’re looking for an atmospheric production, here it is” 


Rogue Cinema – “The soundtrack is perfect”


Lions Share Podcast “Twenty Twenty-Four may be the best independent film I’ve seen this year”


The Independent Critic – “Truly an intelligent and involving psychological thriller


The Movie Critic Next Door – “It’s a fascinating, compelling watch as the tension slowly rises



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