Discover more about Twenty Twenty-Four by watching the video series below. Based on themes, ideas and characters within the film itself, the video series expands on the film’s narrative to offer insight into the world of Twenty Twenty-Four. Footage not featured in actual film.

Video 1 (CXG Console)

The future is now, with the CXG console by Ubrix Industries. A smarter, cleaner and safer way to live. The CXG console is a home management system. It helps manage your waste and household food consumption, and protects your family.

Video 2 (Ubrix Industries)

A message from the CEO of Ubrix IndustriesElliot Rand. Ubrix Industries is a an industry leader in modern fuel development and make it possible to harness the powers of renewable energies. The future is now.

Video 3 (New World News)

“It’s clear, governments and sovereign states have lost control. The truth is, corporations have absolute power”. Activist and Vlogger Vincent from New World News shares his secret bunker conspiracy.

Video 4 (The Candidate)

Hacker group leak a video file from the Ubrix Industries archives, showing a candidate being interviewed for a position in maintaining a secret underground bunker.

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